Can I confess, I don’t actually like endorsements? The prickly, principled part of me absolutely cringes at the concept of asking people (the ‘bigger’ the name, the better) to write nice things about your work that will persuade other people to spend their money on paying for it. It all seems so cynical and worldly. But those more experienced than I have persuaded me that it is a good and healthy way to help my book reach more people, and if I believe in my message that has to be a good thing! I’m still uneasy about it, but the whole publishing process – since the fun of writing the first draft ended – has been about leaving the comfort zone where I usually hide. So with a deadline approaching I approached two friends who are consistently encouraging to me, and who have written their own books. I figured asking them for endorsements was the least cynical (though still cringe-inducing) approach.

And when my friend Anne’s endorsement hit my inbox yesterday, it was a totally beautiful boost. At times I have kept slogging on with multiple edits and other practical and peripheral elements involved with publishing, simply because to give up now would feel even worse. I’ve invested too much – I’m committed to seeing it through to the end. But yesterday her beautiful words reminded me that my book has a life and a future beyond the ‘finish line’ of publication. And it’s that future that matters – it’s about the readers who will read it for the first time like Anne did, and be impacted and encouraged by it… who may even meet God in it. And that truly makes it all worth while!

So I choose to ignore the cringing fear of self-promotion, and am sharing it here: my first ever official endorsement, for all to see! Come on, little book – I’m cheering you on!


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