It’s one thing to have an idea for a new book… it’s quite another to commit to it!

Every new venture embarked upon always leads to unexpected twists and turns, challenges as well as blessings. The initial burst of vision and enthusiasm required to commit to a new venture invariably wears off at some point, and then you are left to drag yourself through the challenges even when you are not feeling up to it. And a real problem with self-publishing is that you are answerable to nobody: there’s no editor or publisher chasing you up or keeping you accountable to deadlines – if you slump, it can be very difficult to pick yourself back up again.

So when I was inspired with the subject of my next book, these thoughts were still niggling at the back of my mind: now I had the vision, but how would I motivate myself to keep going when self-belief is challenged? Then I happened to come across an unrelated article. It was along the lines of ‘free ways to promote your book/ writing’ (if I can find it I will link here), and one of the suggestions was to take part in an anthology. I thought it sounded appealing but couldn’t think of anybody who might be compiling one, until…


I thought of my planned project, and immediately realised it would work brilliantly as an anthology. I could think of several writer friends who might benefit this way, so started reaching out to see if they could see the potential too, or if I was misguided. Happily it was met with almost universal positivity – so I started planning in earnest. There is a lot of work involved in compiling an anthology, but I have plenty of practice organising so I’m not too daunted. In some ways I’m more confident in organising than in publishing my own writing.

And then I realised. What had started as a way for me to promote my book and help others do the same, was going to involve a whole lot of accountability! Where self-belief might scupper a personal venture because I don’t mind much if my own projects fail, there is no way I would let other people down. So now I am accountable to all the other authors! I have no doubt that there will be slumps along the way still, when I will wonder if I have taken too much on, or if I can make it work as I hope etc – but when I have other published authors all believing in the project, and I am committed to helping them, that is powerful motivation for me to keep going and see this through to the end!

So watch this space – there will be a new anthology coming out later this year! I’m committed!


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